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Intelligent Products

Intelligent building all-in-one device

CCTV (closed circuit television) also known as Video Surveillance is the cornerstone of most security systems.  Video images and data are recorded either via digital (DVR) or network (NVR) video recorders.  With this piece in place countless intelligence options become available.
IXS Tech will help you understand what you need for your business and will customize your platform for your specific needs.

We have solutions and software customizations for you that can include:

  • Video analysis
  • Parking and claims solutions
  • Customer flow patterns
  • Visitor counts
  • POS matching
  • License plate recognition
  • Smarter nighttime lighting

To balance out your image and data processing.

New HD technology allows you to install camera systems that will grow with you. Analog CCTV cameras have done their job in the industry but they no longer allow you to grow or expand into newer technologies.  Upgrading to the current advanced HD systems gives your business the advantage of scaling your system and your technology needs with your company’s growth. View our products range

Access Control Systems are about defining who has access to your business and customizing solutions to ensure security and productivity at every level.

Access controls give organizations the ability to:

  • Control
  • Restrict
  • Monitor
  • Protect resource availability
  • Integrity and confidentiality

Using passcodes, access cards, biometrics, video analysis and more.

The IXS Tech access control system consists of cascaded multi-door controllers and a powerful integrated management platform.

Our Multi-door access controllers offers different security levels. It also supports integrated on-line access control and alarm push.

With friendly interface, our access control platform can control thousands of controllers. IXS Tech will design the solution that is right for you. View our products range

IXS Tech is a leading intelligent security systems company located in Atlanta GA. Our intelligent systems are designed for networked digital video & audio recording, video image pattern processing and digital data transmission.

Our system can be integrated with any access control system, fire and life safety system, and can be made compatible with any third party security platform & equipment.

Our wide range of  intelligent products include:

  • CCTV & Smart Video Recorders: Outdoor, Indoor, PTZ, 4K, IP & Analog recording format
  • Video Intercom Solution: Outdoor Station, Indoor Monitor & control, Smart Mobile devices app
  • Access Control Systems: Multi Doors Access control, Central software for local & remote doors
  • Intelligent building all-in-one device

View our products range

Our Intelligent Systems


4U 24HDD Intelligent Video Surveillance Server

Uivs 256ch


A Powerful Surveillance System

Dss Pro Security System Platform

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