Alarm & Intrusion Solutions

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IXS Tech takes extra steps to provide services and security options that you just might won’t see anywhere else. We provide a personal touch that ensures you feel safe and secure with a company you trust. This translates to you receiving double the value at half the cost!

intrusion solution integrates seamlessly with access control and video management systems, delivering advanced protection previously available only with expensive security systems. these systems offer innovative capabilities ideal for businesses & school environments:

• Manage & control the movement of people around your site with entrance security solutions.
• Lockdown areas and perform functions, such as using intercom, cameras. Arm or disarm the system from any door, or turn off an alarm when obtaining access.
• Receive a text or email when an event occurs, letting you quickly address potential problems or review a time-stamped video
• Know who arms/disarms the system each day and many more

With today’s market, we all have to think about where each one of our dollars is going. With IXS Tech you can feel good about making a sound investment in your business at an exceptional value!