Professional Intelligent Security System Products & Services

IXS Tech is a leading intelligent security systems company located in Atlanta GA. Our intelligent systems are designed for networked digital video & audio recording, video image pattern processing and digital data transmission. Our system can be integrated with any access control system, fire and life safety system, and can be made compatible with any third party security platform & equipment.

CCTV & Smart Video Recorders

Outdoor, Indoor, PTZ, 4K

IP & Analog recording format

CCTV Smart Video Recorders

CCTV (closed circuit television) also known as Video Surveillance is the cornerstone of most security systems. Video images and data are recorded either via digital (DVR) or network (NVR) video recorders…Read more…


Video Intercom Solutions

Outdoor Station

Indoor Monitor & control

Smart Mobile devices app


Technology continues to break new ground for business security applications and Intercom Systems are no exception.  Unlike in years past, intercoms are now able to integrate with additional safety and security features… Read more…


Need to manage your business from the road?  Security solutions now have the flexibility to go where you go.  IXS Security Systems allow you to check on your business when you need to, from any location around the world with any device…Read more.

Access Control Systems

Multi Doors Access control

Central software for local & remote doors

Card Access | Keyfub Access | fingerprint access


Access Control Systems are about defining who has access to your business and customizing solutions to ensure security and productivity at every level. Read more…





Alarm & Intrusion Solution

Wire | wireless | Monitoring



Alarm & intrusion Solutions. Read more…

Intelligent building all-in-one device

The VLL platform provides a single point of control and rich inter Save & Exit operability by integrating systems including video surveillance, access control, Alarm, video intercom and intelligence parking together.

With the help of VLL platform, business decision-making becomes easier and the maintenance cost

is much lower at the same time.




• Stable embedded Linux operating system, cost-effective

• Improved operating efficiency and a better view of your facilities

• Enhanced system performance ensures the system suits large-scale applications

• Rich schemes and system linkage integration, quick and efficient events processing

• High availability by distributed deploys mode, 7 x 24 hosting service

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