Intercom systems have a wide variety of uses depending on your needs. They can offer many solutions for simple and complex issues. Intercom systems are commonly known for their ability to provide instant communication from room to room. Today’s intercoms are capable of much more. Intercoms with cameras can establish a video feed of someone entering the premises. You also possess the ability to remotely unlock the door for them from an interface, or application on your phone.

In the past, intercom systems have been strictly for communication. The “old school” installation process for these systems was very tedious. Every intercom must have two different wires. Each of these wires had to be ran together, connected each unit to a “central brain” of the intercom systems. This way is outdated, and the wiring would not support many features that are available today. Older intercoms were not much more than a room to room walkie-talkie that was mounted to the wall.

Intercom systems today are much more versatile with a wide variety of uses. They can be installed in houses, businesses, schools, and anywhere that needs communication systems. Because of new technology, many intercom systems feature a camera to allow video recording. There are many different types of video intercom systems. There are simple systems and sophisticated systems with cameras ranging from full HD to 4K. Newer intercom systems work on a Local Area Network (LAN). On a local network, you can have up to 254 different IP addresses. This means that you can have multiple computers with their own individual address on one network. Since the new intercom systems work on a network, you can view and communicate between each unit. You also have the availability to access the network from anywhere where you are connected to the internet via port forwarding. Video intercoms can be a valuable tool for keeping you & your business safe.