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Professional Security Systems Services

IXS Tech focuses on professional security systems designed, mainly, for companies.  We support businesses who care about smart security. Businesses gain more control with more options than typical systems in the market today.  This site serves as both a resource and marketplace where you can discover our latest advanced products and packages. Each product includes details, video samples, and recommendations for best use. Our specialty is working with customers to build custom package designs that meet the unique needs of your project. Contact us with any questions and the opportunity to take control of your security solution.

Professional Security Systems by IXS Tech is a Greater Atlanta-based security company specializing in commercial business security with cutting-edge technology, equipment installation, and maintenance.

We provide real-time security systems and HD video output for your business. With highly trained security professionals and video analysts, IXS Tech will service your needs for workflow, safety, and quality.

Examples of our valued products:

High definition camera systems, long range HD camera, cash register camera, outdoor perimeter coverage camera system, high temperature resistant camera systems, loading dock cameras, back office cameras with microphones, door monitor, door intercom, security cameras for hallways, indoor security cameras, outdoor cameras, buzzer system for receptionist, key fob card reader for employee entry, secure entry door, secure room, card reader, hidden cameras, employee time clock, fingerprint door entry, biometric systems, professional access control, professional security cameras, multi-location software… Read More

Video Intercom Solutions

Technology continues to break new ground for business security applications, and video Intercom Systems are no exception.

A video intercom system is a vital security component that allows you to see and hear what is going on in other areas of your business & surroundings. It is also a great communication tool, especially if you have a large operation & want to speak to someone in another room or on another floor or someone at the reception.

There are many different types of video intercom systems, from simple to sophisticated Systems ranging from full HD to 4k cameras to video intercoms, and they are valuable tools for keeping you & your business safe.

Unlike in years past, video intercoms are now able to integrate with additional safety and security features such as Access Control Systems, Video Surveillance, and Biometrics.

IXS Tech has made it easy for you to choose the right one for your business. Whether you are looking for a standalone system or an integrated system, IXS Tech will work with you to make sure you have the right system and tools in place meet your needs…Read More

Access Control & Smart Lock

Does your warehouse need safer accessing? Do you want to offer a safer environment to your employees and guests? Does your office require exclusive access control? Our Access control solutions are widely used in office buildings, warehouses, retail stores in Atlanta GA. We offer a comprehensive range of intelligent controllers. The solution supports specific access rights to different doors by various people.

The system mainly consists of cascaded multi-door controllers and a powerful integrated management platform. Multi-door access controllers suit different security levels. It also supports integrated on-line access control and alarm push.

The standalone controllers provide solutions for small office, laboratory, studio, etc. The system can be controlled
without management platform.

Powerful Access Management Platform with friendly interface, the access control platform can control thousands of controllers…Read More

Intelligent all-in-one device

The VLL platform provides a single point of control and rich inter Save & Exit operability by integrating systems including video surveillance, access control, Alarm, video intercom and intelligence parking together.
With the help of VLL platform, business decision-making becomes easier, and the maintenance cost is much lower at the same time.

What makes IXS Tech unique is our ability to develop software specifically for your project. We design tools to integrate systems with your specific needs. So whether you are looking to integrate multiple locations to monitor or file sharing capabilities we can provide the software solution in your package that will customize exactly what you need.


• Stable embedded Linux operating system, cost-effective
• Improved operating efficiency and a better view of your facilities
• Enhanced system performance ensures the system suits large-scale applications
• Rich schemes and system linkage integration, quick and efficient events processing
• High availability by distributed deploys mode, 7 x 24 hosting service

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