Intelligent building all-in-one device

The VLL platform provides a single point of control and rich inter Save & Exit operability by integrating systems including video surveillance, access control, Alarm, video intercom and intelligence parking together.
With the help of VLL platform, business decision-making becomes easier, and the maintenance cost is much lower at the same time.

What makes IXS Tech unique is our ability to develop software specifically for your project. We design tools to integrate systems with your specific needs. So whether you are looking to integrate multiple locations to monitor or file sharing capabilities we can provide the software solution in your package that will customize exactly what you need.




• Stable embedded Linux operating system, cost-effective
• Improved operating efficiency and a better view of your facilities
• Enhanced system performance ensures the system suits large-scale applications
• Rich schemes and system linkage integration, quick and efficient events processing
• High availability by distributed deploys mode, 7 x 24 hosting service